The project

Fans of rock, punk, metal and everything that’s good and loud :

we’re here for you !


We are the Hellhole Project and our only goal is to animate a music scene that’s close to our hearts while taking you along for the ride with this ambitious project.

The Hellhole Project is set to be the partner of young, vibrant and fresh new bands lacking visibility and a place to perform in our dear Belgium.

But that’s not it! The Project has a greater nature and aims to complete this experience with bigger world-class bands for your -and our- greatest pleasure.

For those who might be wondering “why the name?”, here’s the story. At some point during a long and imbibed party, some foggy brain came up with the name as a reference to how a dark figure gave to our Capital an equally dark description : “a hellhole”.


The rock/punk/metal scene is an active and crowded place and concerts are in high demand amongst people from all age and condition. However, most of those musical events are taking place in Flanders and Wallonia.

What about Brussels, then? Attending a concert in a remote location isn’t the easiest thing. Convenient transports and journey time are hard to combine when it comes to a group of people. That’s where the Hellhole Project comes in as a solution.

We have tailored the Project to be centered on locations in our beautiful Capital so that music bands and fans alike won’t have to struggle to find a place to meet. And because the only true “Hellhole” in Brussels should be the pit with its strobe lights and beer polished ground! All of our events have a new music theme, some surprises and always the unique Hellhole atmosphere.

The open minded philosophy of the Hellhole is not only geared towards music genres. If the bands are the heart of the Project, you, the fans are its blood. This is why we strive to maintain entrances and drinks as affordable as possible as well as finding the best venues for your commodity.

       – See you in the pit!

The team

Morituri te salutant.

Jonathan Pierrard "Tonneau"



Sound Manager
Social networking and press.

De Bondt, Andreas

Community Manager/ Presse


Metalhead with an open mind, from rap to classical all the way through electro.


Website, posters, procurement and stuff.

Charlie "Mathu"

Technical and light management for a project close to my heart.

Nicolas De Greef

Technical Manager


Heisenberg et Skyler


Making sure that everything works.


Sound engineer who likes good food, photography and above all make lights shine.

Jeremy Van Belleghem "Moon Moon"

Sound Engineer / Light Support